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The Instrumentation Division, as the forerunner of informational execution, installs optimum sensors according to measurement objectives at civil engineering and construction jobsites in establishing jobsite measuring systems. It also analyzes measured data as required and submits reports.

Behavior measurement of a large underground cavern
  In pumped storage hydroelectric power-house, a large cavern is excavated several hundred meters underground and the stability of the large cavern is substantiated by data from various measuring instruments during excavation and after completion.

Besides underground power plants, we are adept at measurements of large underground cavern at great depths, such as those for underground oil storage bases.


Monitoring of tracks safety
by Total Station
  By a precision processing method device and four benchmarks, a displacement of ±1.0 mm can be ascertained at a distance of 100 meters.
Monitoring system for decompression chambers for caissons
  With the change from analog method to digital method, human error was eliminated and processing speeded up. Furthermore, by changing from a portable pressure gauge to a wristwatch-type pressure gauge, reliability has increased.

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Instrumentation Division