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This Division develops and distributes  sensors and measuring systems using various optical fiber methods. Our three mainstay sensing method are the FBG method, the Fabry Perot method and the BOTDR method.

Each method has its merits and demerits, with none of the methods having absolute superiority over the others. We aim to develop products that make the most of the advantages of each method.

The division constantly aims at introducing and accumulating technology so that it may be readily applied in the development of new sensors.
Among them we are introducing the vibration wire type sensors’ by Roctest Ltd in Japan.

Accelerometer for pantographs
  A trial sensor was built to monitor the vibration and load placed on pantographs of running Shinkansen trains. The sensor is under verification testing with Doctor Yellow, test cars developed to conduct electrical and track tests for the Shinkansen under practical conditions. This sensor gives high performance even under severe electrical noise conditions.
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