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This is a portable indicator for strain-gauge-type detectors, T-type thermocouples, and differential transformer-type detectors made by our company.
This detector employs a constant current method and high input resistance amplifier, so measurements may thus be taken without compensation for lowering of sensitivity by extended detector cables or temperature drifts.

Model EDM-3D
Suitable detectors Strain gauge type
(120Ω, 350Ω)(G type)
Differential transformer type
(D type)
Potential meter type
(P type)
Thermocouple (T type)
Measuring range G type ± 1999910-6st
D, P types ± 1999.9mV
T type -20°C - 200°C
Resolution G type ± 110-6st
D, P types ± 0.1mV
T type 0.1°C
Accuracy G type Within 0.15% ±1digit
D, P types Within 0.05% ±1digit
T type ±1.0°C
Power source 120Ω G type Constant current 41.66mA(5V)
350Ω G type Constant current 14.28mA(5V)
D type Constant current 50.0mA(5V)
P type Constant current 20.0mA(5V)
T type With cold junction compensation
Temperature 0°C-45°C
Humidity 80% RH and less (no dewing)
Power supply Nickel cadmium storage battery
Hours of continuous use:
12 hours with G model 350Ω
Charge time: 10 hours or more.
Dimensions (mm) W160H80D120
Weight Approx. 1.6kg

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