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In a scanner built-in system for multipoint automatic measuring, up to a maximum of 50 channels of all ELMES detectors and strain-gauge-type detectors on the market can be mixed and connected.

Since the logger is provided with a data memory function, computing function, communication function and clock function, even when the measuring blocks are to be distributed to various points on a broad scale, as they are for earth retaining wall measurements in urban re-development projects, or underground power plants the logger can be distributively installed, and by connecting to the host computer via communication circuits, the system can be easily structured.

Since measurement interval setting is possible with the device itself, data automatically measured at fixed times may be memorized and transferred all at once from the respective blocks by a command from the host computer. Therefore, even with multiple points, measuring is possible in a very short time. Also, data may be collected at the dispersed points by a portable computer.
Model ELF-100A
Connectable detector Strain gauge type Carlson type Differential transformer type Potentiometer type
Measuring range ±4,00010-6st As stated below ±1999.9mV
Resolution 110-6st As stated below 0.1mV
Accuracy Within 0.125% As stated below Within 0.1%
Power supplied
to the detector
14.28mA±0.2% 30.00mA±0.2% 50.00mA±0.5% 20.00mA±0.2%
Number of
connections points
Max. 50 points Max. 25 points Max. 50 points
Sampling speed 0.8 sec/ch.
Data memory number 4,950 data (50 ch. 99 times)
Battery backup All systems: 4 hours, RAM-clock section: 2 months
Interface RS-232C
Permissible use conditions Temperature: 0 - +45°C, Humidity: 85% RH or less (no dewing)
Power supply AC100±10V 50/60Hz
Dimensions W454H414D257mm
Weight Approx. 16 kg
A scanner unit for connecting to the thermocouple (C-C) is available (in 10 channel units)
The specifications for the Carlson-type detector are as follows:
  Resistance ratio Resistance value
Measuring range 95.00-105.00% 40.00-100.00Ω
Resolution 0.01% 0.01Ω
Accuracy ±0.03%FS
Within ±1 digit
Within ±1digit

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