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The object of the insertion-type inclinometer is the same as that of the embedded-type inclinometer, but the difference is that it is inserted in borehole or in guide pipes (square pipes) buried in retaining walls, and while made to slide, it ascertains underground deformation or lateral displacement in retaining walls. The measured data is recorded in ELCORDER, an indicator with memory, and by connecting with a personal computer, the data is easily put in order.

[Body of the inclinometer]

Model DC-300 I
Measuring range ±300min (±87.310-3rad)
Rated output (RO) ±87.3mV
Non-linearity Within ±0.7%RO
Hysteresis Within ±0.7%RO
Permissible overload 120%
Permissible temperature range 0 - +40°C
Rating of used current 30mA
Permissible water
pressure resistance
Dimensions (body) 5050L670mm
Weight (body) Body: approx. 6 kg, Cable: 0.17 kg/m
Cable 0.5mm2 4core,
cable attached with tape measure
The standard cable length is 30 meter, but cables longer than 30 meter may be delivered upon request.
Steel and stainless steel measuring pipes are available. Select depending on the conditions of the site.
  Model Dimensions Exclusive socket
Stainless steel MP-75SS 75752mm, 5m MJ-75SS
Steel MP-75S 75752.3mm, 6m MJ-75S


Model ERC-6
Suitable detector DC-type differential transformer type
Measuring range ±1999.9 mV (LCD)
Resolution 0.1mV
Measuring error 0.03%
Power source for detector 50.00 mA±0.4% (constant current)
Consumed current 125 mA during operation
Hours of continuous use 6.0 hours
use conditions
0 - +40°C, 80% RH or less
Power supply Alkali manganese AA dry
cell battery, 10 pieces
with computer
Data memory capacity Maximum: 5,000
Dimensions (body) W198H95D210mm
Weight (body) Approx. 3 kg
Nickel cadmium AA storage battery
A purpose-built charger (Model EBC) for nickel cadmium AA storage battery is available.
(About a 90% charge by 24 hours of recharging.)

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