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Measuring settlement of structures
DVP-100A, DVP-100B  
(Level 160mm) (Level 500 - 3000mm)  



This meter utilizes the principle of “leveling.” By connecting a reference unit (water tank) installed on a horizontal surface steady point outside the area affected by the work to the object of measurement (or measuring point) by a communicating hose, the minute pressure change due to the difference of water levels between the reference water level and the settlement meter water level is detected by a differential transformer. Together with the inclinometer, this is an indispensable detector for measuring changes in the condition of existing structures incident to overpass construction work or to work in close proximity.
Moreover, since it is an extremely high precision pressure meter, it can be applied to measuring water levels or liquid levels by utilizing the pressure chamber shape and installation method.
Model DVP-100A DVP-100B
Measuring range ±50mm
Rated output (RO) ±50mV
Non-linearity Within ±1.0%RO
Hysteresis Within ±1.0%RO
Set water head difference 160mm 500 - 3000mm
Permissible overload
(water head difference)
5m 10m
temperature range
0 - +40°C
Rated use current 50mA
ø12/18 mm Tetron blade hose
ø25/33 mm Tetron blade hose
Air tube ø5.9/7.94nylon tube
Dimensions (body) ø58H140mm ø58H210mm
Weight (body) Approx. 1.5 kg Approx. 2 kg
Cable S4-5 (0.5mm2 4core, single sheath)
Polarity: (-) indicates settling

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