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 GFM-ǠNS(For concrete caissons), GFM-ǠNSS(For steel shell caissons) <patent 1132309>
This meter was developed to take direct measurements of the frictional force of ground that moves when sinking and installing caissons or wells. Purpose-built friction meter have been prepared for concrete caissons and steel shell caissons and in the case of cylindrical concrete caissons, a curvature surface may be provided for the meter.
Measuring range ±100k, ±200kN/m2
Rated output (RO) ±0.9 mV/V or higher
Non-linearity Within ±1.0%RO
Hysteresis Within ±1.0%RO
Permissible overload 120%
temperature range
-10 - +80°C
Maximum applied voltage 10V
Input output resistance 350Ω
Permissible water pressure
0.8 - 1.0MPa
Dimensions 360ǠH100mm 440ǠH100mm
Weight Approx. 38 kg Approx. 50 kg
Cable S4-5
2 4core, single sheath)
The numbers inside the square (Ǡ) of the model designation indicate the Measuring rangeof 100 k or 200 k (N/G).
Others measuring range beside the above may be available.
For concrete caissons

For steel shell caissons

Figure: For concrete caissons

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