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 GP-ǠPT-B Improved type (cable from the back side)
This meter is used for measuring pore water pressure or excessive pore water pressure, which are important measurement items indispensable for checking the improvement effectiveness of reclaimed land and for moving observation of fillings and landslides. It is also used to measure pore water pressure required for calculating effective earth pressure for the purpose of confirming the safety of earth retaining walls.
Model GP-ǠPT-B
Measuring range* 200k (Pa) 400k, 600k, 800k, 1.0M (Pa)
Rated output strain 1800 (10-6 or more)
Rated output 0.9 (mV/V and higher)
Non-linearity ±0.7 ±0.5 (within %R.O.)
Hysteresis ±0.7 ±0.5 (within %R.O.)
Input-output resistance 350 (Ω)
Permissible load 150 (%R.C.)
Permissible temperature range 0 - +60 (°C)
Permissible water pressure proofing 150 (%R.C.)
Maximum applied voltage 10 (V)
Measuring cable S4-5 (4 core 0.5mm2 single sheath)
External dimensions ø36L84 (mm)
Weight Approx. 0.5 (kg)
* Measuring ranges other than the above are available upon request.
The standard product is fitted with a bronze filter with nominal filtering precision of 10 µm.
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