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This meter is used to detect settlement of underground depth incident to consolidation of improved soft ground or filling. It is sometimes used to measure the rebound of ground incident to excavation work or skeleton construction or to measure settling when constructing highrise buildings.
The measuring principle involves detecting the magnetic field generated by permanent magnets mounted on settling elements (a kind of settlement plate embedded in the ground that moves together with settling of the ground) with a probe and measuring the position of the settling element with resolution of ±1 mm. A measuring depth up to 49 meters is possible. There are two types of settling elements, one for boreholes and another for fillings. Measuring built-up ground using boreholes and measuring fillings by installing a settling element while joining measuring pipes may be done continuously by one measuring pipe.
The measuring method consists of dropping a probe inside the measuring pipe from the ground surface and judging the point of reversal of polarity of the magnetic field by the indicator of a leveling rod attached to the pipe head on the ground surface. The distance to the settling element at that time is read from the measure attached to the cable. The standard is for a depth of 49 meters, but a length of more than 50 meters may be delivered upon request.

Model (normal) MLS-50IS
Resolution 1mm
Measuring depth 49m
Probe dimensions ø26250mm
Indicator needle Analog meter
Measuring cable 2 core cable attached with tape measure
Dimensions Leveling rod 65H590mm Approx. 2.4kg
Cable drum W290D320H360

[Settling element
 (for fillings)]

Model SSA-4
Dimensions 4004002mm
Pipe part H 122 mm
Material Steel product with
rust-resistant processing
Weight Approx. 1.8kg

[Settling element
 (for borehole)]

Model SSA-5
Dimensions At setting, approx. ø100 mm
At releasing, approx. ø135 mm
Material Stainless spring steel
Weight Approx. 4kg
drilling diameter
Caisson excavating
inner diameter 110 mm

[Measuring pipe]
Model MP-3
Dimensions 60 O.D. 51.8 I.D. mm,
L4000 mm
Material VP-50
Weight Approx. 1.2kg

[End pipe]
Model SP-3
Dimensions Outer diameter 60
inner diameter 51.8 mm,
L1000 mm
Material VP-50
Weight Approx. 1.3kg

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