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This gauge is for directly measuring the amount of sinking of caissons and a maximum of 5 m may be measured without replacement.

Model PA-5MG
Measuring range 5,000mm
Rated output 2mV/V or higher
Non-linearity Within ±1.0%RO
Hysteresis Within ±1.0%RO
Permissible overload 100%
temperature range
-10 - +40°C
Maximum applied voltage 10V
Input-output resistance 350Ω
Dimensions W240D135H196
Weight Approx. 4.0kg
Cable S4-5
(0.5mm2 4 core, single sheath)
The transducer is a potentiometer type, but output is compatible to strain gauge.
The measuring wire fixing fixture (guide pulley, etc.) on the caisson side will differ with site conditions, so please consult us in advance.
Polarity: (+) indicates the direction in which the measuring wire is pulled out.
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