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Principle of measurement
As the tone of a string instrument changes with the amount of tension given to the string, the vibrating wire type transducer is provided with a tensioned wire at its sensing part. When alternating current voltage from the indicator is applied and the sensing part electromagnet is activated to vibrate the wire, alternating current voltage is generated inside the coil. The principle of this sensor is that the tension is made to change by external force, and the change in voltage frequency inside the coil when the wire is vibrated is utilized.

Product group
The line-up includes sensors such as a Strain gage, Reinforcing bar stress meter, Pore water pressure (Piezometer) meter, Earth pressure meter, Joint meter, Extensometer, Bolt axial tension meter, Center hole type load cell, Rock stress meter, and others, as well as indicators and data recording apparatuses

Example of a product:

Strain gage (SM-2)

Pore water pressure meter

Joint meter

  Long term stability
  High reliability of measurement due to high insulation properties
  High resolution (0.01% FS)
  With temperature measuring standardization
  Cable extension up to 1.6 km

  Bridges, dams, tunnels, retaining walls, underground caverns, slopes, etc.

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