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Instrumentation related to civil
engineering and structure

Outline of retaining wall instrumentation

  1. Lateral displacement measurement of retaining walls
  2. Axial force measurement of short struts, ground anchors
  3. Sinking measurement of rebounds, ground
  4. Underground water level measurement

Outline of displacement measurement

  1. Measurement of the settling and inclining of structures
  2. Measurement of the settling and inclining of elevated bridges
  3. Displacement measurement of tracks ( HYPOS/GPS/Hose communicating method settlement meter/ laser displacement measuring gauge)
  4. Displacement measurement of highways (non-prism type total station)
  5. Inner deformation measurement of shield tunnel (laser displacement measuring gauge)

Outline of tunnels measurement

  1. NATM measurement
  2. Settlement measurement of the fore facing

Outline of caissons instrumentation

  1. Instrumentation of pneumatic caissons

Introduction of monitoring technology related to prevention of slope calamities

  1. Outline of measurement for slope calamity prevention
  1. Example of GPS monitoring

Other Instrumentation

  1. Behavior monitoring of embankment on a soft-ground
  1. Introduction of instrumentation of underground cavern
  1. Introduction of dams instrumentation

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