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TOYOKO ELMES's Instrumentation Services

The following introduces the instrumentation services presently being expanded by our company.

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  1. Civil engineering and structural related instrumentation Services

These instrumentation Services take a greater share of our business. We use our own measuring instruments or those of others to serve in conducting measuring control in various fields.

The following our typical examples of instrumentation services relating to civil engineering and structural conducted by the company in the past.

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  1. Non-destructive measuring of concrete structures

In the past, concrete structures were considered to be “maintenance-free” but to use concrete structures for many years, diagnosing of durability and conducting of appropriate treatment becomes necessary.

Our company takes various measurements of concrete, using our non-destructive measuring instrument for concrete, “ELSONIC” to serve in maintenance and administration of concrete structures.

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  1. Measuring work relating to industrial measuring

By utilizing our abundance of experience in measuring and applying our various sensor technologies, the company conducts industrial measuring, although on a small scale.
We will propose optimum methods on conducting various experiments and tests including stress measuring, vibration testing, water resistance testing, and temperature characteristic testing of products in the development stage.
We also welcome enquiries on wire strain gauge bonding calibration or designing and manufacturing of exclusive sensors by special orders .

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