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This Division operates as the mainstay of TOYOKO ELMES as manufacturer of measuring instruments.
The company has 28 years of experience as a manufacturer, but cost performance is an issue that must be confronted in any generation.
If excessive consciousness is placed on reduction of costs, configuration and durability may suffer. We constantly strive to introduce the latest technology and produce products that satisfy our customers.

Anchor axial force meter
  As a measure to prevent calamities due to landslides, earth retaining work by permanent anchors is widespread. However, occurrence of much trouble is seen by the shearing of anchor heads or ineffective anchors on the cut slopes, etc., of highways because of the behavior of the natural ground. Therefore, as an effective safety control method over the permanent anchors used, the load placed on the anchor is measured by anchor axial force meter.
If measuring value exceed to its max. range, the sensor part may be easily exchanged. This method involves taking repair structure in accordance with the measured results.

Concrete cover measuring device  
  Recently, it has been pointed out that the cause of peeling of concrete or of dropping of concrete may be due to inappropriate thickness of the reinforcing bar cover.
This device, which combines a thin-type laser dislocation gauge with a reflector, conveniently and speedily measures the distance (cover thickness) between the outermost reinforcing bar and the forms.
Also, measured data can be sent to RS232C mounted equipment in real time.

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