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Ultrasonic Measuring Apparatus ELSONIC
 ESI/P-10<Patent1167551>, ESI/P-10S<Patent1167551>
(For measuring crack depth and velocity) (Measuring crack depth, velocity and thickness)
Using ultrasonic waves, ELSONIC accurately measures the crack depth and thickness of concrete structures such as elevated bridges, bridges, tunnels, retaining walls, floor slabs, etc.
It also detects internal defects (internal cracks, void and honeycomb) and measures pulse velocity, making it a non-destructive measuring instrument with four roles in one.
 ELSONIC full set(ESI/P-10)
Thickness sensor
Small-type thickness sensor (ESP-16) Small-type crack sensor
FFT analyzer
[Measuring contents and set up of component]
Measuring contents Standard components Options
Crack depth
(30 - 500 mm) and velocity measurement
Printer (DPIHS)
Comparison test piece for velocity
Test piece for measuring crack depth
Large capacity battery
BNC cable
Main unit (ESI-10)
Crack, Velocity sensor (ESP-10)
AC adaptor
Containing case
  and others (dry cells, etc.)
Crack depth
(5 - 30 mm) or
(400 - 1500mm) measurement
Same as above.
Small-type crack sensor (ESP-11)
High strength sensor (ESP-12)
Crack depth, Velocity
and thickness measurement
Printer (DPIHS)
SA-77, printer for FFT analyzer
Large-type FFT analyzer
BNC cable
Absorption device for thickness-measuring sensor
Main unit (ESI/P-10) 1 set
FFT Analyzer (SA-77) (small type)
Thickness sensor (ESP-15) : For thickness of about 100 - 500 mm
Small-type thickness sensor (EAP-16) (40 - 150 mm)
In cases of thickness of 500 mm or above, oscillation is made by the crack sensor (ESP-10) and received by the thickness sensor (ESP-15)
BNC cable
* indicates those necessary for measuring. indicates those not necessarily required for measuring. “Sensor”means probes.

Items Crack depth measuring Velocity measuring
(propagation time)
Thickness measuring
(internal defects)
Measurable Measurable
ESI/P-10S Measurable Measurable Measurable
Measuring range 30 - 500mm, 5 - 30mm
(Using Small-type sensor
*for crack depth measurement)
400 - 1500mm
(Using High strong sensor*)
0.11 - 2000µs 40 - 1000mm
40 - 2000mm
(When conditions
are good.)
±10% (In case measuring surfaces is flat, crack depth is within 30 - 150 mm)
±5mm (ditto, depths of 5-30 mm)
±0.3µs ±5%
Permissible use
Temperature 0 - +40°C
Humidity 80% RH or less (no dewing)
Power supply AC 100 V 50/60 Hz adaptor used, or 12 V external battery used
  *Or dry cell battery UM-3, 8 cells (mainly for measuring thickness)
Printer External (DPIHS*) digital value printing
Dimensionse W240H90D196 mm, weight 2.5 kg.)
for the unit
Ultrasonic sensor, AC adaptor, case containing, Instruction manual,
  *denotes items sold separately.
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