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This meter is used to measure very slight relative displacements between two points and is mainly used for quick and accurate measurement of tunnel convergence.
Measuring may be done in any direction. Besides tunnels, the meter may be used for measuring displacement of vertical shafts, deformation of mine supports, landslides, deformation of soil retaining walls, or displacement of abutments, bridge piers and bridge slabs.
Two types of measurement points are available, the grip-anchor-type, which is embedded in shotcrete or secondary lining concrete, and the steel bar type, which is installed by thrusting it into natural ground.
Model NH-15F NH-20F
Measuring range 0.5 - 15m 0.5 - 20m
reading value
Tension at
time of
Approx. 0.13 kN
Range of
-15 - +65°C
Dimensions L399H230D50mm
Weight Approx. 3kg  
Accessories Portable case
A calibration frame is available as an option (Model NHC).
[Measurement point]
Model MP-F MP-R
Structures Ball point and
grip anchor
Ball point and
steel bar (Ø19)
Dimensions Total length
87 mm
Total length
340 mm
Weight Approx. 150 g Approx. 850 g
Accessories Ball point protection cap
The diameter of the ball point is 25A.

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