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 HYPOS (Hyper Positioning System)
HYPOS: Matrix method automatic displacement measuring system
This system realizes high function automatic measuring with surprising performance!
Displacement 100 m distant is measured automatically with an accuracy of 1.0 mm. (No. 1 performance in this world in displacement measurement of railway tracks.)
Comparison with conventional automatic tracking method total stations
  HYPOSmodel TMS-1 Conventional total station
Features If the position of the equipment fixed rotates or moves parallel three dimensionally due to natural behavior, measuring errors occur at displacement points X, Y and Z, besides the error of the equipment.
Therefore by providing more than four reference points, coordinate compensation to the 3 dimensions of the initial state is made.
The reference points are usually one or two points.
If the coordinates of fixed point of equipment move three-dimensionally by natural behavior, compensation by 1-2 reference points is insufficient and great error may occur in the measured values.
Therefore it is necessary to install the equipment as close to unmoving positions as possible.
Accuracy The origin point coordinates of equipment are compensated by matrix operation, and measuring displacement at a measuring point 100 m distant can be made with an accuracy of around 1 mm.
At a point 120 m distant,
  X=±1.07mm, including mechanical error
  Y=±0.31mm, including mechanical error
  Z=±1.28mm, including mechanical error

X,Y,Z: ±3.0 mm (mechanical error) + 2 ppm (distance error)
Distance error : 2 ppm = 21 km10-6= 2 mm
Thus has an error of 5 mm per distance of 1 km.

of output data
Not required. If the coordinate point of the device installation position moves by natural behavior, compensation of data must be necessary.

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