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This detector uses the principle of the pendulum and measures the behavior of the ground surface for the purpose of monitoring the slanting of structures and landslides. It is an important detector for combined installation with a subsidence gauge to measure changes in existing structures, especially in cases of overhead crossings or close proximity work. Fixtures are available for installing the meter on floors, vertical walls or sloping walls.
Model DC-Ǡ
Measuring range ±15
Rated output (RO) ±100mV
Non-linearity Within ±1.0%RO
Hysteresis Within ±1.0%RO
Permissible overload 120%
temperature range
-10 - +40°C
Rating of used current 50mA
Permissible water
pressure resistance
Dimensions (body) ø48H205mm
Weight (body) Approx. 1.8 kg
Cable S4-5 (0.5 mm2 4 core, single sheath)
The numbers in the square (Ǡ) of the model designation indicate the measuring range
Order from the following types of fixtures depending on the application.
For single-axis floor surfaces: CF-1F, For two-axis floor surfaces: CF-2F
For single-axis wall surfaces: CF-1W, For two-axis wall surfaces: CF-2W
For single-axis sloping wall surfaces: CF-1I (For two-axis sloping wall surfaces: CF-2I)
Protective cover
For single-axis measurement: PC-1, For two-axis measuring: PC-2
For single-axis floor surface For single-axis wall surface
For two-axis floor surfaces For two-axis wall surfaces

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