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 DV-1SL(Standard type), DV-1SA(Thin type)
This is a water tank for maintaining the reference water level of a hose communication method settlement meter or pressure-type settlement meter. It consists of a reference water tank partitioned by sheathing boards, a recovering and replenishing tank, and a water supply pump. Besides the standard type, a thin type is available for use where protrusions restrict construction clearances, such as in subway premises.
Model DV-1SL DV-1SA
Capacity (water) Approx. 10 liters Approx. 4.5 liters
Dimensions W500H400D250mm W400H310D150mm
Weight Approx. 15 kg Approx. 10 kg
Power supply for pump AC100V±10%
Consumed power Approx. 10VA
  Metal fixtures

  Standard type Thin type
For floor surfaces SLF SLF-A
For wall surfaces SLW SLW-A

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