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 Enter number of measuring points (1 – 6) in . Measuring up to 10 measuring points is possible by special order.
Coping with casing pipe in boring hole
Withoutsliding resistance of sensor
Constant tension tensioning device upon request

Used for multi-points rock bed displacement measurement of large underground cavern of underground power stations, large scale slopes incident to road or dam construction.
It consists of the transducer section that converts displacement into electrical signals, anchor sections which are fixed in multi-stage inside the bored hole, and the wire section which transmits the displacement of the anchor sections to the transducer.
Six anchors may be set in a bored hole of ø66 mm.
The transducer section is detachable to cope with casing pipe in boring hole.

 Model PM-100-G-Ɓ
 No. of measuring points Ɓ 1 - 6
 Measuring range -30 - +70mm
 Rated output (R.O.) ±1.0mV/V or more
 Non-linearity Within ±0.5% R.O.
 Hysteresis Within ±0.5% R.O.
 Resolution Within 0.15% R.O.
 Permissible overload 100%
 Permissible temperature range -10 - +60°C
 Maximum applicable voltage 10V
 Permissible water resistance 0.5MPa(kgf/cm2)
 Input, output resistance Input:350Ω   Output:350 - 600Ω
 External dimensions
 (Head part/flange)
 External dimensions ø5582
(Excluding cable exit section)
 Weight About 4 kg +
measuring points x 0.4 kg
 Cable S4-5(0.5mm2-4 core)

[Water pressure anchor]
 Model WPA-66(WPA-76) (WPA-86)
 Anchor releasing force Max. 5.0 MPa
 Applied bore diameter 66 - 86mm
 Dimensions ø60L100mm
 Weight About 0.6 kg
 Pressurizing tube Nylon made
ø3.48 mm ø4.76 mm
Models mentioned in brackets are used with 7 stagesor more measuring stages.

[Measuring wire]
 Model VW
 Rod Made of silicon manganese ø5mm
 External tube Made of hard polyethylene
ø6.5/ø9.5 mm
 Weight About 0.25 kg/m

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